Welcome to Hal Watson Air Conditioning Company,

The Woodlands’ trusted heating and air conditioning specialists. For over 50 years, we have faithfully served the region by servicing, maintaining, and installing HVAC systems in the homes and businesses throughout our community.

Don’t forget our Free Second Opinions on new equipment. If you have been told you need a new unit, we will give you a Free Second Opinion on whether or not you do, and give you a quote on the equipment if needed. Equipment includes full systems, furnaces, condensers, compressors and coils.

We are far more than your typical HVAC servicing company. We provide unique solutions to air-quality and climate-control problems for both residential and commercial customers, improving energy efficiency while keeping indoor spaces comfortable.

Hal Watson Air Conditioning Company is committed to maintaining the highest standards in ventilation and climate services. No matter how big or small the job, our technicians devote the same degree of time and attention to detail to provide you with high-quality, reliable results.